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For all your metal needs!

We cannot be beaten on price and can deliver anywhere in the UK direct to your door.

We have built a reputation for unbeatable prices and excellent customer service with speedy delivery.

No order is too big or too small, we can cater for DIY enthusiasts, Builders, Structural Engineers, Businesses and Companies.

When you need metal quickly and reliably trust in Metalbits to deliver.

 Mild Steel
Box section mild steel flat bar   Angle Iron  Round Bar
Box Section Flat Bars Angle Iron Round bars
 Square Bars ERW Tubes  universal Beam  Universal Columns
Square Bars ERW Tubes Beams Columns

 Bright Mild Steel
bright mild steel flat bar  Bright Round Bars    
Flat Bars Round Bars    

Aluminium Box section aluminium flat bar    Aluminium Angle Iron  Aluminium Round Bar
Box Section Flat Bars Angle Iron Round bars
 Square Bars  Round Tubes    
Square Bars Round Tubes    


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