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Q Clamp Swivel Range


The Qclamp® Swivel Range comprises the following fitting reference numbers:
125H, 167, 167M, 168, 168M, 169, 169M,173, 173F and 173M.

Excluding the use of the stand alone 125H, the Qclamp® Swivel Range is constructed using the relevant male and female fittings. The 173F is common to all such combinations.

The range can be supplied in individual components or as complete units using either a rivet or nut and bolt to join the male and female fittings together.

The lugs have been designed to be of equal dimension regardless of the size of the fitting in order that a swivel connection can be created between different size tubes. E.g. a 173F-1 can be combined with a 173M-3 to create a connection between 26.9mm OD and 42.4mm OD tubing.

In addition to being used with the 173F to make the swivel combinations, all of the ‘M’ male fittings can be used to secure various types of infill in place.


An entire structure should not be built using only fittings from the Qclamp® Swivel Range as these would not provide sufficient stability or rigidity within the
structure due to the free rotation of the fittings.

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